Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew. Commercials for "for the love of Ray J"

I am a big fan of Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew. I think it is a great show that highlights an issue that is more problematic given our sex-obsessed media and the ease of transmission of porn via the Internet. One of humanity's paramount impulsivities (sex and the continuation of our specific genetic code/species) is now engendered easy access to false titillation. It also stars tragic D-list celebrities who are used to trading their celebrity for sex with people easily wowed with celebrity. They also struggle with real issues such as childhood rape, abuse, and abandonment. And it is all the more compelling as they try to spin a tragic addiction into possibly a more tragic reinvention in Hollywood.

The only thing that is gross is that the commercials are sprinkled with promos for another VH1 show "For the Love of Ray J".  This show is about a singer whose only really claim to fame is that he is Brandi's brother and that he had sex with Kim Kardashian on an incredibly staged porn tape that made them both instant celebrities.

I think the producers should think about how they come off to me, because my opinion is so very important and can turn the tide against their network in a moment :-).

But seriously - "ray J" is really about insecure women/fame seeking women looking to get close to celebrity at any cost. Via sex and sexuality - basically the same issues that the Sex Rehab is trying to combat. And it is not about women - it also may teach men that women like to be treated this way.

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