Sunday, December 6, 2009

SVU - getting the crimes/neighborhoods wrong

I stopped watching SVU a while ago, because the writing just got too bad. I watched it late last week, and I now know why it pissed me off so much.

They keep having crimes committed in neighborhoods in NYC where they would never happen. It's almost like they paint entire neighborhoods with the craven acts of NYC's criminals.

I'm not going to go through the story, but one scene involved a pimp straight out of "i'm gonna git you sucka" telling the detectives about a former prostitute that he used to hustle....IN MIDTOWN.

In Midtown.

Granted, there are probably tons of high priced call girls who go all over midtown to ply their craft, in addition to their pimps, if that still exists.  But that they found this pimp somewhere near the Starbucks at 48th and 8th - that's a stretch.

Further - they found a naked body in a vacant lot - Also in Midtown.

I know procedurals suck, but this is just mind numbing. From a NYC tourism perspective tho - and a larger NYC image perspective as well - is it better to paint bad neighborhoods as bad, or is it better to paint the whole city as crime filled? I wonder if the Mayor's offices PR people have contacted the producers of this show and asked them this very question.

I imagine that a conversation would go something like this:

NYC: "You know, you can't have all of the sex crimes happening in hi - crime areas ... it paints negative stereotypes of certain neighborhoods that we are working hard to change."

SVU: "Well are you saying that we can have someone getting raped in a vacant lot in Midtown as well as find a hard core pimp on a street corner there as well?"

NYC:  "Hmm...I think that's OK, given the amount of police that we saturate Midtown with, especially around the Theater district and Times Square.  Further, it is good to keep some elements of a 'Scary, crime filled NY' in areas where it doesn't really exist. If the image of NYC gets too soft, then people won't feel as compelled to come here without a sense of danger or adventure"

SVU: "whatever you want. Sure!"

NYC: "and make sure Mareska beats up more male perps. Everyone likes that."

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