Sunday, December 6, 2009

This song gets me so pissed off...

Alright - there is this song i hear on the indy stations in NYC - WFUV, KEXP in NY (91.5) - and it absolutely fucking drives me crazy. TO the point of Obsession.

Please listen to the song first - I've already colored your perception a bit. Please make sure you listen to the refrain.

Brooklyn Brooklyn Take Me In by the Avrett Brothers

Now that you've heard it -  WTF?

When is Brooklyn assumed to be some warm hearth, with some spiced cider, all chillin on the coffee table? What the hell are they talking about? I mean yes, Brooklyn is full of people that are generous, funny, and gregarious - but I don't get it!

I think this song, in general, is indicative of the changing of brooklyn's neighborhoods and the boro in general. It's becoming filled with peeps who like urban farming, country music, pulled pork, beards and skinny jeans. Microbrews and the IFC channel. They know what mumblecore is.

It's almost like i'm offended that people think of brooklyn like this. There are poor people here, striving, getting priced out of their neighborhoods, just so (people like myself) can have space and live next to their jobs and drink expensive coffee.

NYC is always going to change, and I am not a sentimental person. I just think its scary that two different groups of people can interpret a place so differently. Barack Obama likened himself to a Rorschach test at one point - I wonder if Brooklyn can be interpreted the same way.

Brooklyn (We Go Hard) (Ft. Santogold) - Jay-Z

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